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For present travelers, so tightly bound to stressful lives or weary professions, holidays are commonly related to a feeling of relaxation that is needed, deserved and beneficial.

Relax can soothe one’s body and mind through different ways. Some can set themselves free of all their mental burdens by enjoying new places and cultures, others must give their mind and flesh a long lonely rest, or receive the wise touch of expert hands stretching and relaxing their muscles.

This is why Spas have the key to anybody’s relaxation, fulfilling anybody’s desire to escape the world around, spoil their body and let the healing water take the stress away.

It’s no surprise that Ancient Romans and Greeks were the greatest estimators of the healing and relaxing power of mineral-rich spring waters.

And the bathing traditions and beliefs continued unquestioned until our time, when sophisticated treatments are offered at historic locations all around Europe.

But it is in the Jewish tradition where submerging in water transcends the borders of relaxation and beauty, to dive in the realm of purity and rebirth.

Czech Spa tradition is second to none, framed in top-notch Spa facilities, combining modern techniques and traditional wisdom, and several are the examples of well-known Jews who visited Spas in Czech Republic: Karl Marx and Franz Kafka were assiduous visitors of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) natural springs.

As a matter of fact, in the 18th and 19th century, Czech Spa towns such as Karlovy Vary and Teplice were visited by kings, czars, great European artists, writers and musicians, as well as major businessmen. Nowadays they still represent the second most visited attraction in Czech Republic, after the capital city, Prague.

However, Spa sophistication and benefits are easy to be found in the capital too, saving travelers the time and effort to reach secluded spots in the country.

Numerous are the centres where you can indulge and regenerate, all offering the widest range of treatments.

King David hotel’s Spa responds to both the need for relaxation and the desire to perpetrate the Jewish symbolic tradition. Its Spa in Prague city centre guarantees a rebirth of your body and a refreshment of your mind, by unwinding in the Jacuzzi or the steam room, and regenerating in the fitness room.

And for Jewish men and women looking for a Mikvah in Prague, King David’s Spa offers this traditional humble Hebrew bath, essential for the fulfillment of the ritual of purification of soul and body.

Three comfortable massage rooms complete the relaxing spectrum of services, to enjoy Prague without giving up well deserved relaxing treatments.
The perfect way to sate that need for relaxation, in Prague’s splendid cultural environment. 

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